Generation X, Versatile and other stuff

Apparently I belong to Generation X, the generation after the baby-boomers, and raised in an era of economic and social disruption. Gen X became the ultimate disruptors. Hm. My generation is often characterized by high levels of skepticism (who me? haha), “what’s in it for
me” attitudes (I hope that’s not the case for me personally, but I do recognize this in fellow generation X-ers) and we have a reputation for some of the worst music to ever gain
popularity (excuse me ?!?! What’s wrong with R.E.M. , Madonna, Punk Rock, among other great music from my time ?!?!)  Anyway, would you like to find out to which generation you belong, you can for instance look here: [read more] or watch the documentary at National Generation Channel.

Oh wait, I have to tell you another thing about my generation! We invented hacking!
So, if you are glad secrets of governments and big companies (Wiki-leaks) are being revealed; you’re welcome 😉 Although I must add immediately, I personally am not that proud of this invention at all. Yes, I am all for transparency, however if secrets are revealed which can harm our safety, nope, I do not like that at all. I always say ‘you are allowed to know everything about me, but not my pin-code’ (got that from a commercial aired on Dutch TV some years ago), I’ve got nothing to hide, but trust me, some things you don’t want to know about me 😉

Which brings me to my next topic; I received another nomination again. This time for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂 As always, very honored to get nominated, but I doubted if I would accept this one. I tell you, being versatile can be a burden. I am so behind on various projects again due to having to many interests and liking to much stuff, I even decided to implement another time-management schedule again. I have 15 more minutes to finish this post, haha

Right, award. The versatile one. Gary of FictionisFood nominated me, thanks my new friend! I had to look up the rules and if you want to read more about those too, visit his post. Normally I don’t follow the rules well, maybe another Gen X thing ?, but I thought it would be nice to provide you

Seven facts(real facts, not fake!) about me:
– I don’t like coffee
– I don’t drink alcohol
– I eat meat
– I am a sleepy monster (and really don’t like that, but I need lots of sleep)
– I am occasionally a hypocrite
– I am more right-minded then left
– I try to be(come) a beautiful soul

I will tell you more about some facts in upcoming posts, but about the last two I am going to elaborate more now:

As you may know, in The Netherlands election-day was last week. I was so relieved the next morning that Wilders and his PVV didn’t win. Two seconds later I was worried. Although he didn’t win, he received again more votes and that scares me. Closing the borders for refugees is in my opinion just not the way to deal with neighbors in need. But this is the right-minded part of me: I do believe, that people who have to flee their country due to war should be given shelter, food, clothes and anything necessary to feel human again. If the war in their home country is not likely ending within the year after running for their lives, these individuals should integrate. Learn the language, work, go to school, etc. However ! As soon as the war is over, return to the home country and help rebuild it.

Did you come to Europe because of your financial situation (no job in home country), or any other reason: adjust. Integrate. Fully. So, do you happen to live in Europe and you want to support Erdogan and vote for him during the upcoming referendum? Why the h… do you live in Europe, a democratic continent?

I planned myself to vote in The Netherlands, my home country, but due to some ridiculous explanation we didn’t receive the necessary papers in time, here in Germany. Everything happens for a reason, because by the time I should have voted, I changed my mind. We emigrated to Germany, because my husband got a better job offer in this country. Nobody forced me to leave The Netherlands, and yes, I will always have warm feelings for the country I was born and raised, but I left. So, who am I to think I should still interfere with the politics over there…

Oh by the way, a thing I did inherit from the Gen X period; don’t tell me who I should like or not like, who I should or shouldn’t vote at/for. What I did NOT inherit; the believe all politicians and CEO’s are evil. Only if you catch me wanting to vote for a dictator, yes, then please warn me 😉
To be honest, I am not sure if I am going to vote here in Germany too, since I feel more like a world citizen and would rather vote for the European Community and, if it existed, for a World Community.

World Community…I think WordPress is some sort of World Community and I am so proud to be a part of this tribe. Connecting with neighbors from all over this globe, just love it. Like in daily life, people come and go, some stay acquaintances, some become good friends and I can’t keep up with all you beautiful souls…family, friends, bloggers, artists, etc.
But as always: I do the best I can. That’s a promise. It may take me a while, but I do keep my promises.

Time to do some household chores, play with our youngest dog and work on the next video/audio for my Beautiful Souls page, work on be(come) a beautiful soul. I won’t tell you, it is mandatory to visit those beautiful souls pages I add, it is just a friendly suggestion 😉

(Generation) XxX

ps…I am going to nominate a few bloggers for the Versatile Award too, but I really gotta run now.