Looking forward to the new season

Over here, father winter sometimes still teases us every now and then, but fortunately mother nature sticks to her plan and a new season has started. More days with sunshine always re-energizes me, a good time to bring some new energy into my Dreampack. Also, here at the website, I am adjusting some sections a bit.

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The perfect way does not exist (Dreampack)

At Sundays I usually do some maintenance at my website and also check if I still stand behind the content I wrote for my main pages. Necessary, because I feel it is important to believe in what you write and thus publish. In addition, it is also a way to remind myself of my own [READ MORE] (click)

Patience…is just not my ‘thing’ (My Dreampack)

This woman of the Sun is happy the yellow ball is sending more warmth again and spring is about to arrive. I noticed birds returning from the south and several plants are started to grow again. Unfortunately, Father Winter decided to stay a bit longer. Which means we have days with some snow…

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