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Acknowledgement is more important than you might think. As human beings we are by nature a creature who prefers to belong to others. At the same time, we are also each unique individuals and living in harmony is unfortunately no longer a given.

It even seems the frustration, anger and violence continues to increase worldwide. Understandably, people are tempted to withdraw from society and seek solitude: no longer trust human beings are wonderful creatures and question, if there are still Beautiful Souls among us.

However, we have the choice between focusing at the negativity around us or acknowledge the positive at our big Dreampack. We also have the choice to gather Beautiful Souls, who share the same hope, believes, values, etc., posses the willingness to live in peace and include them in our Dreampack(s). We have the choice to be open to different perspectives, opinions, cultures and belief-systems.

Personally, I never stopped believing in the kindness of our human nature. Therefore, I decided to share, at this little space on Internet (our virtual Dreampack), the blogs and websites of Beautiful Souls I come across in the blogging-world. As my personal gift, I write introductions about my blogging neighbors.

Also for the reason: I truly hope my neighbors in doubt will also start to believe again in the Beauty of Humankind.

Click at the topic ‘Beautiful Souls’ at the menu-bar and you will find blogs and websites of the Beautiful Souls I found and, without a doubt, will find each time I challenge myself to search for them.*

Another way to acknowledgeshare beautiful posts (articles, pieces of art) you come across at the internet. I created the ‘Other Beautiful Posts‘ for this reason.

Fortunately many of my fellow bloggers also do this at a daily or weekly base. These three Beautiful Souls for instance, frequently share interesting, intriguing and wonderful posts by others, worthwhile to bookmark or add to your reader:

Jueseppi B (click)
David Snape (click)
Jason C. Cushman (click)

Are you ready for the challenge too?

Visit this section every now and get inspired by your neighbors. Acknowledge them by following  and like their blogs, websites and articles. Connect with each other by leaving a response at the comment-section.

You might even gain wonderful connections!

Live in harmony with each other; start by acknowledging your neighbor 😉

* First I will update the pages I created in the past.
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Visit the beautiful soul Margo (Dutch)

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Visit the beautiful soul MySestina

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Visit the beautiful soul Emily

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Visit the beautiful soul John

My name is Alpe John, hence ‘Juan’–the Hispanic equivalent of the name John. Since I was a kid, I love to draw and sketch, and becoming an architect was my biggest dream. Why an architect? Given my young mind back then, I didn’t know that artists could make a living; I thought the only profession where … Continue reading Visit the beautiful soul John

Visit the beautiful soul Daisy

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