Visit the beautiful soul Bun Karyudo

Hi, I’m Bun Karyudo!

(Boon CAR-you-dough)

Welcome to my website. You’re very welcome as long as you behave yourself. Much as police officers put yellow tape around a crime scene, I’ve marked out this small corner of the Internet as a place for my random musings.

As for me, I live in an apartment building, work in a job that barely pays the bills and spend most of my life doing stuff that, on balance, I’d rather not be doing. I was born on one continent, raised on a second and now live on a third, which actually sounds a good deal more interesting in retrospect than it felt at the time. I’m in my (very, very) late forties, married and have a couple of teenage sons.

In case you were wondering, I wear a bag on my head because I don’t want my identity as a billionaire philanthropist to be discovered. I also have a head shaped roughly like a potato with a mouth that looks like it was put on upside down at birth.

Thank you for your interest in me. Now for goodness sake, read one of the posts! They’re actually pretty funny if you give them half a chance.



Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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