Visit the Beautiful Soul Daal (Updated)

Let me introduce you to the Beautiful Soul da-AL of Happiness Between Tails:

da-AL and I met in the blogging-world, if I remember correct, at the beginning of 2016. We had an immediate click, discovered we share similar interests and both have dogs. She wondered if there is a difference between the upbringing of dogs in The Netherlands compared to the USA and asked me to write a guest-blog about it. In return, da-AL shared her amazing vision about a Dreampack in a guest-blog for my website  🙂

This Beautiful Soul writes about Arts, Cooking, Dancing, Joy, Writing, Tales and Tails. An important reason behind her starting a blog is her literary novel ‘Flamenco & the Sitting Cats’, soon-to-be-self-published.

Besides writing about above mentioned various topics, da-AL is also part of Toastmasters and uploads video’s of her presentations. Very creative, fun to watch, with a beautiful message hidden within or just straight forward:

Like me, da-AL also shares posts of other Beautiful Souls at her blog and she is always willingly to help out, advise and, again like me, loves to connect.

So…don’t let me keep you here any longer and visit this Beautiful Soul, acknowledge her by hitting that follow-button, like-button and start connecting with:

da-A: of Happiness Between Tails (click)

Updated: November 2017

Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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