Visit the beautiful soul Daisy



Hello flowers!

Welcome to the world of a stereotyped-not typical Bipolar, Chronic anorexic (with a normal BMI) with emotional unstable  personality disorder and a touch of Bipolar! No hiding from my experiences. Ha ha!


I’ve felt like a bit of a weed most of my life. Last year I found out that the Daisy is not a flower but a weed. I read the the only time the Daisy weed blooms is when it turns it’s face to the sun. I think that is kind of epically beautiful. So Daisy  in the willows was born.


My Blog is about life, beliefs, opinions, thoughts, adventures,love, pain and memories even.  I believe  that we are only  victims of our circumstances until we are shown a different way.  It is up to us to keep checking for subtle or not so subtle signals. I like to keep an open mind. Anything goes.

I’m here to connect with people. tune in turn on and stay plugged in😀. I like to think I am witty. I am not!  It’s as simple as that. Let’s’ not beat around the bush. I’ve been a drug addict.

Another one?

Yup, but I like to keep things optimistic.

I’ve been an Anorexic with multiple stays in hospitals.

What’s that I hear you say?

“that is so gross – I hate skinny bitches  it makes me want to vomit”

I have a colorful label of Bipolar but I take my meds by each prescription these days. I have never been governed by boundaries. I’ve been in toxic relationships that crushed the small self-esteem I had.

My self-esteem is a lot better now, thanks for asking 😀.

 I have a degree in BA(hons) Arts and the Humanities. I studied ‘Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds’ because I thought it would be interesting (I had never ever studied Mythology before) and then focused my  other last module on ‘Advanced creative writing’.

I came trumps up with my writing. YAY!  finally something I’m good at.

I love writing stage scripts. I’m half way through my first novel called ‘Blur’. the content is not so  content to share yet..

Procrastination is a beast!

I have a foundation degree in ‘Acting performance’. I’m always doing a course on something and everything. My Brain needs stimulation or I will end up strung out. Wasted: physically and metaphorically.  I never ever thought I would achieve this BA. Again I have proved myself wrong.

I also have an MA  (hons)in the school of hard knocks. 

I work with  Mental health charities. Doing anything and everything I can.  I do loads of dance workouts in my humble living room. I can only work out to an epic dance playlist or there is no point.

I  love cats and all our earthling friends. I have  nearly had massive fistie cuffs with people about my passion for animals.  I’m not trying to sell anything. Rest at ease, soldier.

I’ve had many opportunities to make friends but I don’t let too many people get too close.  Makes for a shorter Christmas list.

I  am a writer. Always have been.

I am  a very proud Mom to a gorgeous little girl.  She means everything to me because I  never thought I could have kids with all the crap I did to my body but there you go..

She is my living delight.

So, I figured if I start writing about my thoughts and experiences – regularly,  I  may might stop over analysing and over criticising myself. I am harsh.

It has worked.

I haven made a few friends   and gained some new perspective and interests. I know a lot about actions and consequences.

Up until 06/05/2015, social services wanted my child to put up for adoption. My new life started on the 6th may 2015.


Write what you know, right?

I got betrothed  on the  22/06/2o16. It was all about the jazz. New Orleans theme.

See all these ‘bad’ things are  balanced with good’ things. I always look for that silver lining.

I am not that person who hides her skeletons in her closet.

I like to rattle and rag  the bone out of them. I love my family even though most of my Dad’s side think I am the devils spawn. I find it hilarious. I have to, otherwise I would have a few more issues and I am doing just fine with the ones I have already.  I love my family roots. I was born in South Africa. I have French nationality added to Russian and English in my blood.

I love to observe people and I have a warped sense of humour at times. ( I can be ridiculously silly and childish in my sense of humour or quite sarcastic)  I may share some new  ways of coping in this life, in a way that I never have, and a bunch of other stuff. I write for myself first and foremost.

welcome everyone 😀. I write a lot as you can see. Ha. So that is a  rather large bit about me. I’ve been blogging since September 2015. I’m  impressed that I have found a bunch of lovely flowers who get me – I kind of get some of you too!

P.S I love the  theatre, writing and reading, Horror films, learning, cardio dance workouts, playing pool and volunteering. I love learning and blogging, Haribos, cookies,  liquorice, cocktails,travelling and  I am sure there will be a load of other likes and loves  that will crop up  when I remember them.

Blog: daisywillows


Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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