Visit the beautiful soul Isolated_Girl

An Isolated girl

Lost in her own world

Trying to explore herself

In the curls of the life

With a desire to make her way

And find some grand and gay!


I m the girl,

having lots of interests in life

and life seems to have no interest in me!


No complaints! No Expectations!

I am Jyotee

Born in plains

grown up in hills

And living at himalayas!

I belong to the land of Mt.Everest and Lord Buddha!

Any guess??? : )


I have two sites in wordpress.

For the lovers of English Literature, you can find me at :-

Blog: Life is all about PAIN

And for the admirers of Nepali Literature,I am available at:-

Blog: thenepaliliterature

Thank-you so much for visiting this page and for constant support,love and wishes.

With love


Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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