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My name is Alpe John, hence ‘Juan’–the Hispanic equivalent of the name John. Since I was a kid, I love to draw and sketch, and becoming an architect was my biggest dream. Why an architect? Given my young mind back then, I didn’t know that artists could make a living; I thought the only profession where I can draw to my heart’s content and earn money at the same time was being an architect. So I’ve set my mind on becoming one.

Then came high school. I was a scholar, which meant that I can only take science or technology courses when I go to college. That’s not bad, right? Architecture is still part of the sciences after all. Yes, there’s B.S. Architecture but the course that’s offered in my chosen college school is B.A. Architecture. So good bye architecture! I know, it sucks.

I moved on and studied Electronics and Communications Engineering. Now I’m an ECE engineer and have been working in the industry for more than a year. At this point, that vision of me as an architect just seems like a long forgotten memory. My childhood dream may be dead, but my passion in arts is still not quenched. It is sleeping; smoldering may be, but still burning.

During the entirety of my college years and review, I have not used my skills. But now that I am free from distractions–books, exams, overnights, thesis, review–I can finally give time to develop and improve my skills. Yeah, it might be a little late, but as the proverb goes, it’s never TOO late to try! And this is me, giving it a try.:)

Hmmmm, what else. My name is John–that you already know. I am an aspiring artist–that you know too. But what I haven’t told yet you is unlike typical artists, I am one who travels. A lot. If I can. Traveling allows me to see different cultures, different peoples, different places, different art! It gives me a better understanding of how colorful and vivid this world that we live in actually is. My travel-lust is almost insatiable! The more I see, the more I want. The world is so much bigger than i thought when I was but a boy!

The other reason why I travel is it’s kind of a retreat for me–yeah like a soul-searching journey. Not that I lost my soul, but more like it’s incomplete. And parts of it are scattered around the globe. THAT is what I’m searching for. Every time I see a new place, I feel closer to being complete!:)

So I guess that’s pretty much it. That should give you an idea of who I am and what I do. If you have questions, you can send me an email, or find me in Facebook. Oh, oh! I almost forgot. Please disregard all that was mentioned above, it’s just a cover up. My REAL dream is world domination and my GREATEST ambition is becoming a super villain! *insert evil laugh*  Shhhh don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret and your reward for having read this far.:)

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