Visit the beautiful soul Katherin (Updated)

Let me introduce you to the Beautiful Soul Katherin of KE Garland:

This multi talented woman is a wife, mother, writer of books and inspiring quotes, provides writing advice, an editor and much more. As a blogger she is just a delight to connect too and I am grateful to be able to call Katherin a dear friend.

At her blog you will find, for instance, inspirational quotes and photographs, written and taken by Katherin herself. You will also notice by reading the comment sections, she has connected with many Beautiful Souls. Those conversations are a bonus 😉

As I mentioned, a multi talented woman and you should definitely visit her professional website too:

So…don’t let me keep you here any longer and visit this Beautiful Soul, acknowledge her by hitting that follow-button, like-button and start connecting with:

Blog: KE Garland – Inspirational kwotes, stories and images
Website: KE Garland

Updated: January 2018

2 thoughts on “Visit the beautiful soul Katherin (Updated)

    • My pleasure, dear Katherin 🙂
      Initially, I just copied your ‘About-info’ and picture, but I wanted to provide my personal thoughts of why someone should visit your blog and website (and those of others). Started to update the pages I created in the past. Therefore, I informed you of this update 😉

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Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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