Visit the beautiful soul Maja (English/Polish)

Hello and welcome to my bilingual blog about traveling!
(Polish version follows English)

(about me)
I’m Maja, based on my profession I’m an astrophysicist, but based on my passion (and probably my friends’ opinion) I’m a traveler.

(why this blog?)
I love traveling and taking pictures, so I spend my free time traveling or planning my next trips. While traveling I always have my camera with me, however I use a small digital camera, because it’s the most convenient for me. I travel light, almost always only with hand luggage even when I’m away for several months. Less means more – I couldn’t agree more!

On this blog I want to show you places I’ve visited through my pictures. And hopefully, inspire you to travel. And the most important, to show that everyone can take nice pictures with his/her own (small and light) camera!

(what’s on my blog?)
Everyday, I post one of my travel picture with a short description. And, each month is all about different country/territory/place I’ve visited. So, it’s not a typical travel blog, rather photo-travel-blog. 😉Hopefully, you’ll like it! 🙂

Enjoy my blog!
Enjoy traveling!
Enjoy photography (and use manual settings of your camera)!

Thanks for visiting!

(about the name)
I have to explain the name of my blog. You already know that I’m a traveler; penguins are my other passion. Rockhopper is a somewhat curious, but also brave penguin with a crazy haircut. You’ll meet him in my first post. One day, I was watching my pictures from the Falkland Islands, and inspired by cute penguins I came up with a name of “Traveling Rockhopper”. So here it is. 🙂



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Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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