Visit the beautiful soul Marije (Dutch/English) (Updated)

Let me introduce you to the Beautiful Soul Marije of Mooi Leven (Beautiful Life):

Like myself, Marije is a Dutch woman, but she lives in the northern part of the Netherlands. Like most Dutch people, Marije is a down-to-earth woman and probably one of the many reasons we click. About the same age and we have in common, both our lives weren’t easy.

Fortunately, Marije is also in a much better place now and shares her wonderful life lessons gained, in her own words ” with a positive, artistic, but also a critical view of life”.

You will find profound articles, critical opinions, amazing poetry at her website and once in a while also in English. All written well thought out, straight forward and thus the down-to-earth mentally shines through. A perfect example is the guest-post she wrote in 2016 for my website: [Read More]

Marije mainly writes in Dutch and loves goose. What that is all about, you really have to read for yourself 😉

So…don’t let me keep you here any longer and visit this Beautiful Soul, acknowledge her by hitting that follow-button, like-button and start connecting with:

Marije of Mooi Leven

Updated: March 2018


Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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