Visit the Beautiful Soul Sarah

Let me introduce you to the Beautiful Soul Sarah from Art Expedition:

The love for art was the starting point of the connection between Sarah and I. Not long after we started to connect more frequently, I came across a beautiful piece of art at Sarah’s blog and to me, it fitted perfectly by a poem I wrote for my ‘When Souls Connect‘ page. Sarah was very gracious to allow me to use it:

Stardust (may 2015, acrylic on canvas; 20×20 cm) ©ArtExpedition ~ Sarah

We also discovered we both live in Germany, about a 5 hour drive away from each other.
The world is smaller as you think,  it is so true. 2018 will hopefully be the year, I can visit this Beautiful Soul outside this virtual world.

Besides painting, pottery and drawing, Sarah writes and illustrates a story about a slightly different count Dracula. This year she started to create short video’s of this fun and intriguing tale:

This creative artist also joined The Strix, an art-family I happen to be also a member of, and so far my favorite piece of art by her for this group you can find HERE.

Sarah is more than an marvelous artist; connecting with her you will soon find out she has a warm and kind personality. So…don’t let me keep you here any longer and visit this Beautiful Soul, acknowledge her by hitting that follow-button, like-button and start connecting with:

Sarah of Art Expedition

Updated December 2017


Always open to thoughts, opinions, suggestions from my neighbors on this globe!

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