Unconditional positive regard and intentions

Unconditional positive regard and intentions. Unconditional. Positive regard, acceptance, love. It has been quite a while that my own brain-threads prevented me from falling asleep. Normally a breathing technique, combined with focusing on one thought (‘do not think’), does the trick. However, this week, some evenings, I found it difficult to embrace the much-needed sleep.

There is a reason for everything, I am a firm believer of this. Writing down my thoughts is my plan B, if the above described technique doesn’t work. So, yeah… unconditional positive regard, this concept has been on my mind a lot again. [READ MORE]

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Do you acknowledge you are a Beautiful Soul? (updated)

Being authentic comes not naturally for all of us and one of the reasons is due to passed-on belief-systems. Society has a big influence and choosing your own values and beliefs, stand up for your own truth can be difficult. In addition, lots of our neighbors tend to believe it is egotistical to take good care of yourself, put your own needs before the needs of others.

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