Music for the Soul

As a little girl, I often sat in a corner of a podium, or backstage, watching my father perform and the crowd enjoying themselves while listening and dancing. Yes, I too wanted to become a famous singer and my dad taught me how to sing in a manner my cat-friends didn’t feel the need to run away. Life happened, therefore I never pursuit a career of professional singer or musician.

Still, music is one of my biggest passions and I am very happy that my dream, working with my daddy together in music, will now come true.

A short introduction of my father:

arthur2From layman till skilled performing musician, he will coach a person at any age. Began as an autodidact, went to music academy, formed his own bands playing different styles of music. Growing up in a large poor worker’s family, he had to pay for his own college. After a career of 45 years as a performing artist, nowadays he is a teacher and composer. Or like my little cousin used to say: “My uncle doesn’t work, he just plays”.

Blues and Jazz…That’s the music I hear, when I think of my father and in my head I imagine him behind the piano or playing the guitar, on stage or at home. He is able to play an unknown song just by whistling or humming a tune.





So, now you understand why I am so happy to work with this man. Not only he is my dad, he is also a talented beautiful soul.

Together we will take you, dear readers, on a trip through our music history. We won’t go back as far as the Middle Ages, start around 20th era (the birth of the Jazz) and travel forward into 21st. For every period of time we are going to address, we will also choose a fragment, a song, which to us is Music for the Soul. Music related to big world events, for example world wars, civil wars, periods of crisis, and other significant happenings.




Music is more than a melody combined with (or without) words. When you are down, music comforts you, lifts you up, motivates you. When you are happy, music intensifies that feeling of happiness. In whatever state of mind you are, there is always…

Music for the Soul


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