For some reason I have a ‘thing’ with the sky. At least 5 days of the week I walk with our dogs two to three times a day and especially the morning sky, I find very beautiful. Maybe because I am a woman of the sun and I walk a lot, when she just awakes…
I captured these skylines during the last three-four months: during the end of summer and fall over here in Germany.


33 thoughts on “Sky

  1. Did you see the sky this afternoon? I walked outside, it was Apocalyptic, never ever seen a sky like this before! Also in Germany only a bit more to the north…

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    • Heee, als ik me het goed herinner, ook een Nederlandse in Duitsland, toch?
      Yes, I saw it πŸ™‚ The featured picture I took this morning and it was already a promise for another beautiful sky later on…unfortunately I couldn’t make a picture this afternoon, but you know…looking at these sky’s, my form of meditation πŸ˜‰


      • Ja zeker! Een heel gelukkige en tevreden Nederlandse in Duitsland.
        Met twee Roemeense honden en een toom ex-legbatterij kippen.
        Life couldn’t be better!

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        • Jaaaaaaa…wat leuk dat je weer even komt langs wippen πŸ™‚
          Jullie zullen het wel al flink koud hebben gehad daarboven? Ik ben alweer aan het aftellen tot de lente hoor, hihi
          Fijn dat je zo happy bent! Fijne avond, XxX


  2. I see we share a similar thing for skylines! xD This is so beautifully compiled.
    Also, what are your dogs names? (Just curious lol)

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