Depression – Pax Et Dolor Magazine

The lovely Jyotee, one of the initiators and authors of Pax Et Dolor Magazine, asked me to write an article. I chose the topic ‘Depression’, since I noticed a lot of people – young and old – are dealing with this and it is important to address this topic.
I feel so honored it is published.

By: Patty Wolters The sun and moon switch in the sky, every morning, every night. You, however, don’t want to get up, or you stare at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. The weather girl telling you another day without the sun is ahead of you, or you long for a long cold winter to […]

via Depression: Taking the First Step — Pax Et Dolor Magazine


16 thoughts on “Depression – Pax Et Dolor Magazine

  1. Read it but somehow can’t leave a comment there so I’m doing it here. Very well written piece on a very difficult subject! And , sadly, I’m in the position to judge this by experience… Depression is a very tough and sensible thing. Maybe more about it in an email… 😚

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